Swiss QR Bills API

With effect from 30 September 2022, the red (IS) and orange (ISR) inpayment slips has been completely replace with Swiss QR Bill. The Swiss QR Bill contains invoice information and Receipt and Payment Part will be printed with information for making payment along with QR Code. The QR Code contains the receipt and payment information. The Payer can scan the QR Code with mobile banking app or e-anking by scanning the QR Code through QR Code Scanner attached to computer or can be paid at Swiss Post Branch. With our Swiss QR Bill API, you can either generate the QR Code or complete Slip with QR Code. APi specifications can be accessed at OMQRC Swiss QR Bill API. The main features of the API are :

  • Easy Integration
  • Technical Support for Integration
  • No Charges for testing the API
  • No Monthly charges
  • One Year Packages Validity
  • High Speed Servers
  • Secured Servers
  • Email & Telephone Customer Support